Top 10 Concealer Tips & Hacks

Unlike other concealers which flake or crease, Magic Concealer provides full, long-lasting coverage that works on all skin shades. This miracle cream completely erases the appearance of tattoos, birthmarks, scars, acne, and anything else that can ruin those close-up shots and images. The best part is, even in person during broad daylight, it still gives off a radiant, natural appearance, not an artificial or plastic-like look that other concealers can leave you with.

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The secret is due to its skin-friendly pigmented formula. Polymer gives the concealer its long-lasting benefits and added moisture shield, and other ingredients such as glycerin, botanical butter, and collagen, enhance skin’s elasticity.

Now that you know what makes Magic Concealer so magical and perfect, we want to share OMNIE Beauty’s Top 10 Tips & Hacks for using our hugely popular concealer.

  1. Apply foundation before concealer.
    If you use foundation, make sure to apply that first, before applying concealer. If you applied your concealer first, you’ll find that most of it would be removed when putting your foundation on. Many of our lovely customers have used the Cover Perfection Magic Concealer as a full face foundation and have loved it, give it a try!
  2. When applying concealer on your body, alternate with a powder
    If you have a pimple on your chest or back, use a concealer shade that exactly matches your skin tone, then top it with a powder like our Cover Perfection Setting Powder. Continue to alternate dabbing concealer and powder until the pimple is undetectable. The concealer will hide the blemish while the powder will prevent it from coming in contact with clothing. 
  3. Use your ring finger to dab concealer over dark circles under your eyes.
    As your ring finger is your weakest digit, it will apply just the right amount of pressure to blend in concealer, without pulling at the very delicate skin under your eye. Darker spots may require additional layers to ensure complete coverage.
  4. Use concealer to make your lips pop.
    Line the outside of your lips with a bit of concealer using a fine tip brush. This will make your lipstick stand out, while also preventing the color from bleeding off your lip’s border.
  5. Make your brows pop with concealer.
    Just like with your lips, apply concealer using a fine-tip brush above and below your eyebrows, but use a concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin tone. To blend, use your finger, as it will soften and diffuse it more easily than a brush.
  6. Concealer can double as eyelid primer.
    Save money on buying eyelid primer and use concealer instead. Just dab a bit of concealer on your lid to prevent your eye shadow from wearing off and settling into the creases.
  7. Use a concealer-highlighter-cream concoction to hide puffy eyes.
    Mix a bit of concealer, highlighter, and eye cream on the back of your hand, then dab it under your eyes, outside your temples, and over your brow bone to diminish puffiness and dullness.
  8. Concealer + face lotion = tinted moisturizer.
    Simply mix your favorite face cream (or ours) with your Magic Concealer, and you have a tinted moisturizer that you’ll love. It will hydrate your skin while adding subtle color and a healthy, dewy look. 
  9. Use concealer for plump-looking lips.
    Fill in the middle section of your upper and lower lips with a light-colored concealer, blend outwards with your fingertip, then finish with a nude lip gloss over. This creates the illusion of plumper lips.
  10. Fix eyeliner mistakes with concealer.
    We all make eyeliner mistakes because let's be real – eyeliner is not easy to apply, especially when trying to achieve the perfect cat-eye. Instead of using eye makeup remover and having to start all over, simply use an angled brush dipped in concealer to fix the mistake.

There is no doubt that a good concealer offers endless uses. However, as different applications require using lighter or darker shades, it’s a good idea to stock up on multiple colors to meet these various needs. Luckily, the Cover Protection Magic Concealer is available in 15 shades to choose from. You can even blend different shades together to achieve the ideal DIY color you desire.

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